European Super League OFF; Spurs face withdrawal fee

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Do you support the European Super League

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What a joke another nail in the coffin off football

I'll always love spurs but high level football is becoming more and more un watchable, it's all about money and the common fan is getting forced out

I love us but we are possibly the worst offenders for it with the season ticket prices and other high costs

If this is confirmed might genuinely consider voting with my wallet and cancel all subscriptions to the club and football in general

It's just pure greed
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Reading through this, I am embarrassed. I didn't expect anyone to support it but there seems to be people who actively do. More sad is that there is a lot of people who clearly would go a long with it. The selfishness and arrogance is unbelievable. The bizarre talk about deserving to be elite. The pride at being picked by greedy fuckers. It is devastating reading it.
I have asked a very simple question a few times without answer, would you support it if we weren't involved?
I'm embarrassed for people saying I stand with Gary Neville and he speaks for all fans. No he doesn't, he's a self serving weasel. Hypocrisy runs right through everything he does.

Him and his millionaire mates ploughing money into Salford, paying extortionate wages and having players drop down leagues to play for them. That's a fair and level playing field. Exactly the same as the Chavs and City investment all those years ago. Neville's dad was involved with Bury for years yet he did fuck all to help them.

He constantly bleats on about manager's needing time yet he goes through them quicker than Levy FFS. The media is full of people like Neville.

Then we have Uefa and FIFA , corruption goes hand in hand with these corner boys. Taking World Cup's to Qatar to grease their own hands. The Champions league, it's filled with teams who come 2nd, 3rd and 4th in their own league's. Why? Because they make more money. Why are PSG not signing up? It's certainly not to do with morality, more like their owners are in bed with FIFA due to getting the World Cup in Qatar.

So to me football has been a shameless, money grab for years. It greatly amuses me now to see the outrage of people. They literally have buried their head's in the sand for decades.
God I'm such a pathetic, principle-less turd.

Half an hour ago, I was outraged at this disgraceful moral farago.

Now I'm texting my West Ham mate and telling him they'll need to up their dildo game.



City fans apparently felt sick and that something was ripped away from them after the ESL announcement.

They must have been devastated when their club became a sport washing front for a despotic oil regime with a questionable human rights record


Raw Ill give it to ya no trivia. Okay, some trivia
If this happens I’d be done with top level football and for sure done with Spurs. It’s a disgrace we’re involved with it.

Levy taking the piss, wants money and acclaim without ever actually funding a team that can earn it on its own.
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