Everton (A) Friday Night Football - 8PM KO.

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I have lots of things to do but watching Spurs takes priority and always has done no matter how badly we’re playing !

It’s called being a fan

Confused Larry David GIF


I really don’t understand how not watching your team shows that you care

It shows to me that you’re not a fan at all so why bother?

No way will I miss tomorrow nights game
I can't argue with the sentiment, but you can see the sense in not being able to watch something you love get reduced to something pained and pitiful.

For the record, like Spursmalc, I'll watch because I have nothing better to do and "hope springs eternal", but I sympathise with those who know that sitting at home isn't lending a voice.
Leaked team

3 ATB Rodon Toby Dier
3 CM's Hojbjerg Ndombele Sissoko

So something like this

Toby Dier Rodon
Aurier Sissoko Hojbjerg Ndombele Reguilon
Kane Son

Horrible lineup. Makes me not want to even watch to be honest..
Yes its a hard watch at moment with seemingly no light but ill still sit down and watch the game tonight. Cant understand if youre a supporter and have the chance to watch the team you support why wouldnt you?? 🤷‍♂️going out of your way not to watch your club doesnt seem right.
Do you only watch in good times??
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