FA Cup Final 2020 Thread

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I hope all the cunts who don’t like Mourinho now let him get on and try and win us a trophy. I’m fucking sick they won today. If Mourinho brings us the fa cup next season I’d be delighted. He’d be a success straight off the bat. No fa cup win since 1991 ffs. That’s embarrassing.
How can you say arteta is a better manager/coach and knock poch. Hard to argue with a stat like that but anyone in our supporter base that calls poch a David pleat should find someone else to support. Our issue is our past. There has never been a winning mentality. Maybe poch lacked that but he built a team capable but somehow one that could not get itself over the line. That was not his fault.

Apologies - Spurs under Pochettino wasn’t an longer version of the 87 pleat Spurs.

You’re right the issue is with supporters like me and not with a coach that cannot win a single trophy with one of the best sides in the league ( which he didn’t build) when mediocre lesser sides did/do.

It’s amazing how many apologists this guy still has.
You know that old saying "your name is on the cup"

biggest case of that ever today.
Chelsea's lose both their captain and best player to injuries
Red card for fuck all
Woolwich hanging on and then score a goal on the break out of nothing

These cunts are just lucky in finals.

As for VAR, again why do we have nonsense rules like we aren't going to review a yellow card. It would have taken them all of 30 seconds to realize it wasn't a second booking.
Instead they spend five fucking minutes seeing if somebody's cock is half inch offside week in week out.

We gotta face it VAR has fucked the game.
Wasn't going to bother ,then a a young Irish girl that drinks with us sent me this when i said i probably wont bother
"Look at it this way sean, if you go to the pub, you’ll be taking up a seat that a gunner or Chelsea wanker could use!!!!"

She has a point...
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