FA Cup Final 2020 Thread

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No replay and VAR check apparently haha fucking bullshit
You know that old saying "your name is on the cup"

biggest case of that ever today.
Chelsea's lose both their captain and best player to injuries
Red card for fuck all
Woolwich hanging on and then score a goal on the break out of nothing

These cunts are just lucky in finals.

As for VAR, again why do we have nonsense rules like we aren't going to review a yellow card. It would have taken them all of 30 seconds to realize it wasn't a second booking.
Instead they spend five fucking minutes seeing if somebody's cock is half inch offside week in week out.

We gotta face it VAR has fucked the game.


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I changed channels as soon as the final whistle was blown.

I didn't want to see the pundits analysing a mediocre Woolwich team achieving something that our best team for 50 years couldn't do.
Sadly, many years of watching Spurs has made me a bit of a masochist so I watched it.

However, in answer to my question, Shearer managed 5pts from 24 as interim Newcastle manager in the season they were relegated. (Hughton brought them back up the following year).

I’m not listening to him, he just wants everyone to buy players all the time. Even Ian Wright is more balanced today.
They should have stopped the game and handed the thing to the goons soon as they scored their 2nd the referee wasn’t going to let Chelsea back into the game after that.
The only silver lining is it shows what a truly pathetic club they are that they will brag about "winning" a trophy where there was no doubt the ref was actively helping them out and they still finished 8th in the table.
There's not enough room on the trophy to engrave all that though!!

Only they could turn a shit season into relative gold...


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There's not enough room on the trophy to engrave all that though!!

Only they could turn a shit season into relative gold...

Relative gold is a stretch.

They will certainly sell that but the reality is they still came in 8th, still lost out early in the Europa League, still needed a horror show of help from the ref in the final and still never looked remotely close to competing with the top teams.

This will help paper over the pain and allow them some banter but the fact is they are still a talentless club with major holes and manager that has shown zero ability to fix that.
EL? Extra revenue?:levylol: no fans in stadiums, way way inferior prize money compared to the CL, teams don't play EL football for the money
It’s still more money than they would get if they weren’t in it. And with a stringy owner like they have it’ll help their transfer budget.
Feels like one of the other clubs just fall backwards into an FA Cup the past seven seasons if we aren't in the final four. Just an awful fucking team that we slaughtered a few weeks ago.
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