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Don't spend too much on a 2nd choice keeper - I always go with the cheapest I can get. Can't win too many points there.

Defense: You need 3 guaranteed starters, but I never spend more than 5.5m on an individual defender. Again, not a great place to score loads of points - use the money for strikers instead.

The main thing I found over the years, is that going for players who are guaranteed to start is vital. Someone like Kane, even though he is 12.5m is worth it, as he'll be playing every match, barring injuries. I find City and ManU difficult to select players from, as you never know what Guardiola or Mourinho are going to do / who they are going to select regularly.
Think THFC-Israel THFC-Israel had his team name changed. Nothing racist involved either.
Yep. Just a pun on Anal Cunt and Conte, I named it AnalConte. Pretty sure they just have a dumb brute force algorithm that goes through the database searching for specific words. I assume you can outwit it if you like but it seems like quite a fuss for a racist thing hardly anyone notice.

Im now WVO Quine after one of the smartest man ever (though in real life he disliked Tottenham supporting AJ Ayer)
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Sorry, I missed that bit, but come on, a team never having a single black player doesn’t happen unintentionally
Sure if it's never over several seasons. But some just pick a team at the start and then barely switch players.

Think it's a bit of a non-problem though. Really offensive team names is a problem. Not that I've encountered it but obviously you will get them with 7mil players
Lol, my team name has to be changed. It was “Son the Jewels” which was really a dumb name anyway, just because I like Run the Jewels. I don’t have a clue how that’s offensive, but apparently it is.
I imagine because it has 'jew' in it and they just banned any team that contained 'jew' to get rid of all the antisemitic ones. You could probably still have 'Son the Jules' like Jules Rimet :sonpoint:
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