Favourite ever North London Derby?

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Morning all,

Just wanted to gauge opinion on what is everyone's favourite ever North London Derby?

The first ever one I watched on TV, in fact first ever domestic game I watched, was the '91 semi-final which in itself was amazing.

I was there for the 5-1 Carling Cup semi-final, which should probably be my favourite.

However, personally, my favourite to watch on TV was the 4-4 at Cashburton Grove for the sheet emotion I let out when Lennon got the fourth goal (and the crazy Yiddo running down to celebrate with the players).

My favourite I've ever been to though was the 2006/07 season home game (it was around March/April time I think). I had a ticket South lower just behind the goal. Pre-match I was reading my programme when the guy next to me asked if I'd mind swapping seats with his mate so they could sit together. I obliged and my new seat was right next to the Goonies. Anyway, the game played out and for the last five minutes of the game and the first 5 minutes of injury time, the Goonies were giving it the big "I fucking am" as they were 2-1 up....I am depressed as fuck. Then all of a sudden, the ball falls to Jermain "good for a goal against the Goons" Jenas and he hits a strike so sweetly into the bottom corner of the Paxton Road goal. Delirium....now it was our turn to go fucking bananas. There was a surge of white shirts heading towards me from the right, we were getting crushed all so 2,000 or so Yiddos could flip the bird to the Goonies...amazing end to a game, even better that Arsene Wenger threw his toys out his pram about the amount of injury time....perfect

So yeah, what is everyone's favourite NLD?
The 2-3 a couple years back. Even over the 5-1, for various reasons.

Was at a Uni open day, let mum go to all the 'important lectures' on accommodation and that while me and the old man sat in the SU for the game. Full of Gooner cunts. The barman was a Yid though!

HT 2-0 down we're sitting there having to listen to all these wankers giving it large. Second half unfolds, Raf tucks away the penalty and then all go quiet. Then KABOUUUULLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!

We went fucking mental. Their faces/reactions were priceless.

Didn't end up finding out much about the uni in the end.

Top day :pav:
Yeah the 91 Semi final was so important at the time first Wembley semi and to lose was unthinkable and one of the most glorious days ever follwing Spurs.
My first ever. We won 5-0. George woods was in goal for them. He had a shocker and mooned the shelf.

I think it was 83.

And the 5-0 was a great day and some revenge for the Brady game in 78.

3-1 cup semi final, for many reasons not least of all walking past some woolwich opening a bottle of champagne pre-kick off. they were on course for the double
Got to be you won't get your double up the Woolwich 91 semi brilliant performance light up by gazza my hero

Also have fond memories of ripping the piss out of the fashion unconscious goons wearing that awful yellow and green chevron bag of vomit shirts
Has to be the Danny Rose screamer game for me, as it was the first time I'd attended and seen us beat them following a couple of years of draws and defeats.

In such an important game league position wise as well, what a night that was.
My first ever. We won 5-0. George woods was in goal for them. He had a shocker and mooned the shelf.

I think it was 83.

I was there for rose, when Armstrong won us the game and last season too. In fact I can't remember an occasion in the league where I went that we lost.

I was there for the league cup loss....at least I was one of the 300who stayed to the end.
I haven't watched football very long, so I'll point straight to the 2-3 result at the Emirates. Wenger smashing that bottle after Kaboul's goal basically summed up Woolwich's gradual decline, and I found it much sweeter than I should have.
The 91' semi I was 6 and it was the first game I remember watching. After Gazza's free kick I missed some of the game as I was trying to copy his free kick in my garden.

The best one I've actually been to was the 5-1. I was in Park Lane for it as it was before I got my season ticket. It was mental that night. The Danny Rose derby was also special. I remember seeing the ball go to him and thinking: "don't fucking shoot". Fortunately Rose and I don't have a psychic connection!
The 2-3 Kaboul goal. I just remember being really happy for days after the game!
I didn't see the game as I was in Hamburg and there were no bars near where we were staying that were showing it. Had a mate texting me updates and went fucking mental on the streets of Hamburg when we won and all these Ben Shermans were looking at me like I was nuttier than squirrel shit
My favourite was actually a loss! But there is a reason. My first away game was in the 1996/1997 season and it was the 3-1 loss too the scum at the old cesspit library. It was cold and pissing down with rain. The match itself was a bit shit, but as a new fan the level and quality of support I was experiencing that day was second to none and so the day is still one of fondness for me.

That said, I have never been to a winning NLD, especially not away. All my others have been draws or losses and at WHL. I suspect there will be a game out there in the future willing to take it's place.
I hope you're not going today.
I seem to rememeber there being one where Ljunberg got sent off, and we won, I think. I fucking hated that cunt. So I enjoyed that.
I have to go with the 3-1 semi-final, even though I was there for the 5-1 and in ways enjoyed it more.

But that FA Cup game was massive. It was an early kick off and I watched it on my own at home, sober I think. But boy was it vital to our club in so many ways.


The mos enjoyable was definitely the 5-1 for me. I don't really 'enjoy' these games as they are usually so tight or we just get battered. but obviously enjoy victories. The 5-1 was great because we never looked like losing.

I also remember watching the 5-4 defeat in a pub in Exeter with a gooner mate. Obviously I was gutted we lost but that game was so mental that me and the gooner just agreed at the end that it was a phenomenal game to watch
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