Favourite Spurs Goals

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Probably his best ever game for us, he was unstoppable that game, covered every blade of grass..................come back Ade

Oh jesus that one was incredible. And the backheel to set up Siggy for the second. If only Bale had stuck the injury time free kick in the net...
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Oh jesus that one was incredible. And the backheel to set up Siggy for the second. If only Bale had stuck the injury time free kick in the net...

I was definitely on the anti-Adebayor bus during that period/game. Never known a player that can be so inconsistent. Everytime he touched it we were screaming "don't give it to that clown", in one sweet move he sat us the fuck down........and I couldn't have been happier about it
It was already posted within the Gazza clip but it needs a a post of its own for being possibly my favourite Spurs goal ever by arguably my favourite Spurs player.
I was 10 in '91 but even then knew how good it was to shit on Woolwich.

Cue a summer of repeating that commentry over and over in the park
Because of the celebrations I think it's got to be Iversen at Selhurst '99 Worthington Cup Semi Final, Kaboul at Woolwich (3-2 win) & Dembele at Lyon last year.

Mrs Perryman

I'm a Cockney Malteser 👑
too many to mention all of them, but the ones that are ingrained in my memory and saw live:-
Ginola v Barnsley
Villa v Man C cup final
nearly every goal by Hod - especially v Watford and v Oxford
Gazza v that lot down the road cup semi
Hubby's two v Milan and one against that lot again, when he stuck his two fingers up at their crowd
Graham Roberts v Anderlect UEFA Cup final 1984
Alan Mullery v Wolves UEFA Cup final 1972
Garth Crooks winner against Liverpool when we beat them for the first time in 500 years (or that's how it felt!)
Jimmy Greaves v Sheff W in 1969, as that was the first game I went to see live
All the goals in the game against Leeds when we beat them 4-2 the year we nearly went down
This one, because we got our luka back, for one season at least

the day bale became a star against inter (the first goal is the best one and one of my favourites

finally this goal (you may want to mute it)
For you youngsters, back in the early 70s Leeds were the Man City/Chelski team of the time. An incredible team of a peculiar mixture of amazing skills and outrageous thuggery, but more than anything a team that was damn near impossible to beat, at their best.
In January 1971 I was fortunate to squeeze into Elland Road and see a Spurs side (in its first season without Greaves - IIRC) lean on the mercurial talents of Martin Chivers - who could make Ade look like a model of consistency.
He scored 2 goals that night and one of them (the second I think) was every bit as good as his goal against Wolves in the EUFA cup final at Molyneux.
* It probably wasn't, but to a 13 year old it looked feckin' awesome (we won 2-1)

On the Leeds trail, Darren Andertons against a much poorer Leeds side at WHL was pretty bloody awesome as well.

But I loved this one, (the second in the clip) because it showcased two of Spurs best talents of the time, Thudds passing and Berbatovs sublime skills

Mrs Perryman

I'm a Cockney Malteser 👑
I can't find it but Klinsmann's goal against Sheffield Wednesday at WHL is incredible.
His one at Hillsborough on his debut was pretty special too. That was when he did the diving goal celebration for the first time, he got knocked out soon after. I remember rushing home fom Sheffield and just catching him on MOTD (no iplayer in those days and I think I had forgotten to set the video recorder). That was when it really hit me that he had actually signed for us. What a season he had..... and then the b*****d decided not to stick around for the second year of his contract!
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