Final game of the season vs. Newcastle (away)

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I managed to throw a whole pan of boiling gravy over myself and most of the kitchen last night. As I was raging and stomping about my wife commented "You are the Tottenham Hotspur of our kitchen".

She's dead now.
Got in about an hour ago and have not read any comments yet but have to say this.

I have never in my life booed a Spurs team but today I booed at half-time and full-time. At 5-1 my dad wanted to leave and I said no I want to tell these players what I think of them. We were in the very back row, so I went down to the front row and when the final whistle went I completely lost it, called those players all the cunts under the sun whilst others around me were clapping them.

I've been to every home game this season in all competitions except two when I was away on holiday. Been to 16 away games in all competitions. Went to the dead rubber in the Europa League against Monaco despite having really bad food poisoning. Went to the home game against Dortmund when we had already lost the tie despite feeling really depressed for personal reasons and not having slept for a couple of days. Went all the way to Baku for the Europa League game there. My commitment is the same every year, and I always sing my lungs out at every away game, and as much as is possible in the Paxton for home games.

Today I lost it because I saw that the players do not give a fuck about us. As soon as the league title has gone, CL football is secured, they give up. First half, we bottled 50-50 challenges, we were second to every ball, we didn't bother to press...I've watched enough football to tell the difference between a team who is shit (but trying) and a team who is "on the beach" and I'm sorry but this was the latter. We ask them to do one little thing, not for their bank balance, not for their egos, not for their winners medals, but for US, the long-suffering fans, and they don't do it. We didn't ask for much. We asked for a solitary point against a relegated side with ten men, and they couldn't be bothered to deliver it. A fucking 0-0 draw would have done. 2-2. 3-3. Anything.

Second half we turned up and yes it wasn't a pen and if not for that we would have got 2nd but we should never have been in that position.

The players don't care about Woolwich. They don't have to suffer the abuse we do from those cunts. Those players will not lose a night's sleep over finishing behind them again. I bet that if you asked them when was the last time we finished above them, most of them wouldn't have a fucking clue.

I'm sorry but if you think those players care about us, the fans, then you are deluded. With maybe one or two exception like Kane. They showed their true colours today, and they ain't blue and white...they are only in it for themselves. I thought this team was different but I was just being a complete mug.

They do not deserve the support we give them. I'll continue to go to the same amount of games because I'm a yid and I love the club and I love our fans. But I will not feel bad about giving any players abuse at games (which I have very rarely done in the past), slagging them off on here or in the pub, I won't feel bad about booing, and I'll only support a player if I think they are good enough to wear our shirt, not out of loyalty to them, because at the end of the day, unless they prove otherwise, I will believe they are only in it for themselves.
I know it's already in the Lamela thread but one of two players who come out of this debacle with any credit is him. I'm not sure if it's because he cares about the fans or just that he is a top professional, or maybe both, but he gave 100% yesterday and in fact has done in every game this season including in this awful run in. He also seems to be the fittest player not only in the Spurs squad but on the planet, he has been able to play almost every game this year without losing his intensity. And he receives a lot more abuse than bottle jobs like Eriksen. His hard work is vital to our game and he's a definite starter for me every time.

I think this man deserves some credit on this thread.
I am still fuming about yesterday. I have never been this wound up, even work mates are steering clear today.

And there is no such thing as spursey, can we just drop this embarrassing phrase, yes lasagne and then Bayern Munich was bad luck.

But yesterday cost us because our players did not want it, that's not spursey or bad luck, that is highly paid players taking the fucking piss out of us, the fans that travelled up yesterday and the club they represent. They can all fuck off, every single one of them, I need a summer to calm down from this.

Watching spurs for 30 years now and I am used to defeats, I don't have high expectations but what I do expect from our players is commitment and an understanding of what the rivallry means to fans. Yesterday those players did not care, they ducked out of tackles, were slow on the ball, had no energy and no creative spark,. If we had lost but put in a shift then yes we would be annoyed but those fuckers rolled over and let a relegated team with 10 men take the piss out of them and us

As a said I am off to calm down but our players were a fucking disgrace to the shirt yesterday. I will not forget that one in a long time.
My two sons are going up to the match. I told them i was free. I'm not going.

That was a shower of shit yesterday no doubt, a masterclass in how to throw a seasons worth of goodwill out of the window in one match. This won't be forgotten easily and if this manager and team don't hit the ground running next season then the fans will be fucking spitting feathers after a few games. If they had put a shift in and got us 2nd then they would have been bullet proof for a while but not now. Stupid fuckers have only themselves to blame.
If we don't finish above Woolwich after all this I'm jumping off the fucking Tyne Bridge after the game. These players owe us that much.
Don't do it to yourself mate. Players do it for themselves. With group stage CL secured, that's them done.

On another issue, why did/do we play our first and last matches of the season away from home, with 3 Monday nights in a row when we had half a chance? Load of bollocks really.
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I'm very rarely proud of myself
And aye, we're in the champions league and finished third, but if anyone wants to argue that that makes today's performance any better, or even acceptable, they are a fucking retard.


I'm very rarely proud of myself
Oh go take a serious look at yourself man.

Its football. Not life.

Do you seriously think that I'm pleased with the result, or enjoyed the game? No.
I can just rationalise where it fits into the grand scheme of things.

You patronising fucker, I'm not trolling anyone, just treading on the wounded sensibilities of people who need to see some real suffering before trying to pass a football result off as some horrendous life changing calamity.
What the fuck did you expect to happen by coming on here a few hours after we got pumped 5-1, with your "hey, life's too short, stop being so serious man" schtick? You'd get loads of Likes and Funnies? We'd club together to build a Mick statue?

Sorry, I'm all out of "hey, it's ok". I still have to drive home from fucking Newcastle tonight, having spent the day in a wee glass box getting the shit ripped out of me because of eleven blokes who couldn't give a fuck. I spend good time and money supporting this team and when they play like cunts, I call them cunts and it angers me. When you post like a cunt, you get called a cunt too.

SouthStand Billy

Such as shame.. We achieved so much this season and yet we will be remembered for one thing and one thing only.. Pundits and every media outlet will have a field day with this..No way in the world with 4 games to go should this have happened. NO FUCKING WAY.


end of an era
Thank the Lord we don't have to play them next year - I'm sick of the sight of those fat Geordie gits!

Fuck Newcastle.

I hate hearing about how it's 'a reet gid neet oot'. Ye know what, cunts, it's a fucken shite night out. Their town centre highlight is a shopping centre with a scummy nightclub and casino in it.

Ah but have you been to Livello's?

Yes, I fucken have and it's a shan style bar. Ten a fucken penny in any actual city.

Newcastle is nothing more than Hartlepool with an inflated opinion of itself. They hanged a monkey in Hartlepool because it was found guilty of being a French spy
I haven't melted all season. BUT I am fucking livid about today's result. Totally unacceptable not only to lose, but to lose badly in the manner we did. It makes me want to kill myself - my only saving grace being that when it comes down to the all important moment, I wouldn't have the bottle because I'm Spurs through and through: fucking gutless.

Why don't you just stop being such a scapegoat seeking cunt :dembelefingers:

There was a lot of factors in our poor showing today. Mason had a stinker, yes. But he's one of our own just as much as Kane is. Like it or not, he's had a big part in the development, we've been through with Poch. There's always room for discussion as to whether or not we've moved beyond him and his abilities. He, just like Carroll, deserves better than simpletons blaming one person for the performance of 12+ individuals performance over 90 minutes.


Woolwich bottle the title despite being ahead for months.

Chelsea collapse to 9th

Man United and Man City do nothing of note other than cup runs

We get CL with a young squad yet somehow manage to become the laughing stock yet again. So pissed off.
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At least you can still laugh at the spammer and chav fans...if that's any consolation?
I dunno... they SOMEHOW seem to be celebrating SOMETHING, by convincing themselves they have managed to end the season on a high...

West Ham saw the Ol'Boleyn off in style by reverting to type and throwing bottles at the opposition bus... and were RICHLY REWARDED for their fine support with a cracking game and a dramatic win...


Chelsea 'won the League' doncha know...? they celebrated with Ranieri like they did... and John Terry couldn't help show his true nasty Nazi colours by having a dig at OUR inability to win the league (rather than wondering why his own teams inability to defend their title so spectacularly wasn't picked up by any of their fans...
Arseanal will no doubt have their St Smug Gloating Cunt Parade down Islington High Street this afternoon... yet a few weeks ago it was Wenger out... still, like West Ham. .. their STERLING SOLID SUPPORT got what it so richly deserved...

Even fucking Newcastle managed to celebrate .... what the FUCK have they got to celebrate??
Why couldn't Villa have shown SO MUCH DESIRE on the last day... or would that upset the Spursy Gods?

And yet there we are... on the brink of an EXCEPTIONAL season, finishing 3rd... THIRD! And yet we feel this morning as though it's all come crashing down. ..
How do we DO that?

We're not even allowed to celebrate the GOOD TIMES. .. fuck knows there's been enough final day disasters...

I'm sick of trying to convince people that Lasagne was all a Gooner fix job, paid for because they couldn't afford NOT to get into the CL... and here we are... 10 years later... being reminded if it by their cunty ex-players too smug to care.

Our players should be forced to go into the workplace of 11 fans today, and experience the barrage of smug unbearable gloating that OUR FANS will have to endure this Summer...
THEN they'll realise what knock-on implications packing up shop early has on THEIR LOYAL FAN BASE!
Where was OUR 'doing it for the fans'??

FUUUUUUUUUCK I'm sick of football right now...
Thanks for that Spurs. .. I fucking owe you one!
I don't think it's scapegoating though to call things, as you see them.

He was very very poor yesterday and was all over the place in both ends of the pitch.
He's been the focus of most people's melting (for the want of a better term) in the last few matches each time having people point at his introduction as the sole reason we dropped points. Which is nonsense.

I don't disagree that he was poor on Sunday but it's the way people articulate that opinion that is the issue.

Fans complain that there is no loyalty in modern day players but players could easily argue that the same goes for fans. If a player gives his all and tries his best then the very least he deserves is the respect of the fans.
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