Financial Fair Play

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FFP shows how badly so many clubs have been run. Regs have been in place for a while, yet many clubs aren’t competent enough to follow them and will pay the price, other maybe thought they could just pay a fine as a cost of business. Maybe FFP is too strict, maybe it’s not strict enough but a lot of professional football clubs are amateurs.

Have a look at the wages to turnover of the Championship clubs, most are over 100% and have been for years. That division is absolutely hanging on for dear life.


It would be good if other clubs, particularly those thought to be 'on the edge' followed this example, perhaps at the end of the January transfer window (ie beyond the time where there is any commercial sensitivities).

Fans would then be a lot better informed as to why their clubs have made certain transfers over the last year - of course there will be a minority who demand the club sign lots of players, but those fans will never be satisfied, but publishing the ffp calculations will inform the majority of fans,
Basically give it 5 years and Newcastle will be flying.
I’m shocked. Shocked to my core.

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