Fly non-Spurs football shirts

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Even if I was that thin I'd still like it to come below my belly button

Fucking giants.

Just get this beauty instead.

St Pauli are going to start producing their own kits because they felt that non of the providers available met their standards in regards to Fair Trade etc.

It's a ballsy move but also a St Pauli move if anything.
Yeah, that's an incredibly St Pauli move.

Their Hummel kits were a thing of beauty. I've got this one:


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"Legacy Fan"
Oh my!!! I might just get me one of these to sit in a draw never to see the light of day lol. But tempted, very, very tempted..........

One for you TonySoprano TonySoprano perhaps??






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Ha, I'm always buying shit like that and just hiding it from the wife, then I might wear it a few months later. She'll ask if it's new and I'll tell her I've had it aaaaages.

I've got way more football shirts than is healthy. Quite a few lower league Spanish clubs, bought off Classic Football Shirts when they have a sale. Not even sure how many I've got but I guess when I include my Spurs shirts it's a couple of hundred. I don't even wear the things other than sometimes around the house or the rare occasion I play football
Im the same but my problem is GAA jerseys here in ireland. Can become quite addictive 😂


"Legacy Fan"

Whenever I hear this tune, especially in context with Ajax, I can think of nothing else other than Lucaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssss!!! We should 100% make this a Spurs song.
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