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Bullshit. Watch the video, she shoves the drunk guy calling her son a cunt. He then tries to punch her in the face because he's a fucking cunt. His mates stood there watching and laughing while filming it.

She's swinging after he's tried to punch her in the face. That makes him a fucking pussy trying to beat up an old woman.

Completely agree.

There's obviously SOME circumstances in which case it's ok to smack a woman (and those circumstances would basically be a threat to life - i.e if she's trying to stab the fuck out of you. Doesn't matter the gender then - you defend yourself and get the fuck off sharpish).

However, punching some lady in the face after a minor shove? Fuck off. Cunty behaviour and I hope the prick gets his jaw broken.
I think there are times when its okay if its to defend a kid or she has a weapon that puts you in danger of getting seriously hurt. Fodens mum was just acting like a stupid idiot , the guy was not going to get hurt at all . Punching her in the face was just disgusting.
If she had a weapon I'm supremely confident I could take it off her. Guy was not in anyway acting in selfdence


Tier 1 - Trust me bro'
Why is anyone arguing over who is the morally superior of the 2 camps, both are thick chav cunts doing thick chav cunt things...

My favourite part of the video was weedy chav cunt Phil Foden steaming in as if he was going to do something, realising he'd gone too fast for anybody to hold him back, then slowing down and reversing once this dawned on him.


The moron swinging a fire extinguisher round could have killed someone though, the lad facing away from him as he swung for the back of his head is very lucky.
Lol. I literally just said the crowd was fucking scummy...his mother is clearly rough too.

She starts it with a push which is battery in the law. Name calling isn't an excuse to put hands on someone though, even if you have a vagina.

If he pushed her back, would that have been alright?

You don’t lay your hands on a woman, end of. Walk away (and stop calling people cunts)
You don't lay your hands on anyone without consent, which is what she did to escalate the situation.

Once she puts her hands on a drunken, likely coked up scumbag in a Northern boxing crowd, what happens next is down to her actions and legally she might not have much of a leg to stand on. Would be surprised if there were charges tbh.
There wouldn’t have been a situation to escalate if the guy hadn’t started name calling in the first place.

You’re utterly wrong on this. Don’t bother replying until you apologise.

Making excuses like ‘he was drunk or coked up’ for the guy is pathetic too.

You need to work on your priorities lad. Disgusting.
Him punching her was a disproportionate response to being pushed, and he started the ball rolling by verbally abusing her son. Retaliation/revenge isn’t self defence and he threw a punch because she’d made him look a right twat in front of his mates.
I’m not excusing her behaviour either, and at her age she ought to know better, but the bloke who punched her is an utter scumbag
He's probably already better than Giggs. Bale though in his prime was an absolute monster, he has a level to go before reaching that but he certainly could do.

I'll be honest and say I don't think he is Giggs level yet.

He was amazing. I remember watching him live quite a few times and to see his brain. How he jumped and made sure his feet were in the right direction to land and move in one fluid motion was incredible.

And you're also right. Giggs was one below Bale.

But I think he might have it.
Well, I agree with that statement but my point was (which wasn't very clear) that Man City is more attractive than any "mega club" right now and thus, by default, can be called a "mega club" :cool:

You only leave City for any Spanish club right now if you're South American or Spanish/Portuguese.


Now I'm a big fat dynamo!
WTF was that all about ?
I am not sure about how legit this is, but according to the reddit thread on this subject it was apparently some drunk knobhead that went up to Foden and started verbally abusing him. Screaming at him and calling him a cunt and such. Mama Foden, who is also a bit drunk based on this, shows up and pushes the guy away and starts shouting at him. And the first drunk slob slaps her. And that sets everything of.


What are you ten. You don't hit women end of. In fact I don't hit anyone substantially weaker than me. It's cowardice.
In a perfect world, yes, true, but this is clearly not that world. She’s a twat and threw first, just because we don’t hit women, doesn’t give them the right to hit us.

For the record, I’ve been hit by and have never, ever hit a woman, but the point is some guys just need them to hit first.
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