Football personalities who should have been banned for life

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The question is simple really, who involved in football past or present regardless of role should have been banned from football for life for any action?

My first choice would be Roy Keane.

Yes he was a great player in his day and basically was SAF incarnate on the pitch, but the incident I'm referring to is for when he purposely went out to injure (and admitted it) Alf-Inge Haaland's, in a tackle that would ultimately end his career.

Yes Haaland was no saint himself, but purposely going on the pitch not thinking of winning the match, and going out there solely to injure a fellow professional is the act of a thug and a coward, and is something that should be left in the past of football after the 80s.

And since, Keane has proved to be little more than a loudmouthed prick, when he threw a temper tantrum and was sent home from the 2002 World Cup that proved it more in my opinion (also IMO, the Republic of Ireland were all the better without him at that tournament), and as a manager seems to have learned nothing from his time playing under SAF other than screaming at his team, without picking up any of the reasons SAF had for his "hairdryer" team talks.
Slightly off topic, however, as you mention Roy Keane.

Utd were in some sort of final at Wembley and his family took centre stage in The Regal pub (my Dad's local and one you guys may know as Flannery's now).

They were being total dicks demanding this and saying that, 'do you know who we are was mentioned'. Anyway the locals told them to fuck off and as a result there was a standoff.

They ended up being turfed out and barred. Wankers.


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Vinnie Jones for assaulting Gary Stephenโ€™s while he was on the deck with Fashanu

I was in the Shelf when that happened
Paolo Di Canio.

Saluting fans in a fascist manner while playing for Lazio, and did it more than once.

Also, Luis Suarez. He didn't bite anyone for more than six years now which is admirable (in want for a better word), but still, really should've suffered some more severe punishment than a lousy few months of not playing after biting a player for the THIRD time in his career.
Gavin Maguire for that tackle on Danny Thomas that ended his career.

Jack Wilshere for spitting at a taxi driver, threatening an OAP and shitting it behind some dustbins. I guess as heโ€™s hardly played since (although still getting paid ยฃ100K plus per week) is some degree of justice.


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1. Parking in space for the handicap.
2. It's not only cheating, and stabbing teammate in the back regarding Wayne Bridge incident. Terry also involved himself with abortion.
3. Thug on and off the pitch.
4. A racist.

An enormous cunt
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