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The Fighting Cock
City once more showing that if you dare to defend like clowns they will punish you. Such is their quality, they hardly even have to change gear to create and score chances.

£600M gets you that.
You know what, apart from the football politics of it all, it's starting to bother me less that they are going to become successful. Don't agree with the buying it thing but fuck it they're not the first and won't be the last.

They kinda just don't exist to me any more.
It was a great day yesterday as man u lost 6-1. The fact they were beat by city is irrelevant as city don't count or exist anymore.

So the result will not go down as a city win, but a united defeat by default team. Well that's how I look at it now...
At first I started watching the game for entertainment value, such as a fight or dodgy tackle etc.

However, when the fourth/fifth/sixth went in, I found myself smiling. I'm not 100% sure why.

I think it might be the fact that for YEARS and YEARS we've all had to deal with swaggery-fuckery from United fans. Just their sheer arrogance and their cardboard cutout fans, seeing more United shirts down here than in Manchester and so on... It was about time they got fucking humbled. Irrespective of who the opponents were.

Back to City. Judge them for not having a history, judge them for not being a real 'big club'; but you have to just sit back and marvel at that game. They were simply immense and yes, they probably will piss their way to the title now. Credit to Mancini, he has stabilized the team and now they really are a force.

5-1 doesn't look so bad now does it?
Modric>Silva ;)

I just cant give city credit, I'm sorry call me a twat but I will never give them credit no matter how smug united fans are.


Man up and LOL
mdiver said:
You can buy anything these days.....oh hang on, no you can' can't buy history or class or loyal fans.
Tbf it's nice for the fans to have something to celebrate after a period of living in the shadow of United.

after all the last time the city fans saw a result like that, they were chelsea fans. :mong:
lol repped!!

It's funny you say that because when I was walking around tesco last saturday morning I saw 3 people wearing man city shirts! I even mentioned it to the bread knife and she agreed. They seem to be popping up all over the place.....
Like I mentioned before, not once had I seen a City shirt on a lad near me in the 30 min radius. Yet in London Colney 20 mins from Spurs and 10 mins from me they have City shirts on sale in Sports Direct. Fucking Bollocks it is.


The Fighting Cock
Thelonious World Peace
probably parents who don't support a team, just trying to get involved by buying shirts for their kids. Not saying it's ok!

As I've said before, just makes my Spurs shirt all the more unique! :D
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