Football terms to retire

"EPL" get straight in the bin. Enough people use it here sadly. Liverpool can win the EPL but when Tottenham do it, we're winning the league. Simple as that, it's just "The League"
Also any 'Super' TV line ups "Super Sunday" etc. I don't know why anyone falls for it or has the time honestly but I guess there is an armchair millennial market out there salivating. More often than not the games are hugely hyped then terrible as well.
I got a couple:

Stonewall penalty - I’m convinced an over-excited commentator once meant to say “stone cold penalty” and got his words mixed up, hence this nonsensical term which, although I’m aware has been around longer, seemed to become more widespread after Chelsea had a game against Barcelona “stolen” from them much like Trump had an election stolen from him

Keys and Gray - fucking typical these misogynistic cunts would find employment working for a TV station based in a country that hates women. Fuck sexism, fuck Keys and Gray, fuck fucking Qatar
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