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Latest Spurs videos from Sky Sports

That Joey Barton. Has done wonders to change people's negative stereotypes of Scousers. Plus he can speak scouse in a French accent - so practically bilingual.
So with the recent good works by Marcus Rashford- what other footballers or ex-footballers come across as thoroughly decent?

I was very surprised to see some of the work Neville Southall has done, this for example..

Edit - also I thought he came off very well as a keeper coach in the horrendous Michael Owen soccer school.

I always remember the video edit left in Southall's comment at the end of this clip when the keeper gets beaten by Owen and you hear Southall say, 'Well done, he's thirteen'. The crew must have thought Owen was a piece of work not to sound edit out the Southall soundbite.
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Pablo Zabaleta. Whilst he now plays for Billy Smart’s shitshow, I will always remember this YouTube video.
Must be a lot of pollen in the air that got me at 6 minutes 20 seconds
Not sure if he’s changed, but during his playing career he was a vile piece of shit on and off the field.
Yep, was one that was a bit of a surprise when you learnt about all of the charity work he was involved with. Although just looked into it a bit more and seems like the work in Sierra Leone was wound up due to financial irregularities so who knows what to believe.


The prodigal son. 🇦🇱🇺🇦🇦🇱🇺🇦🇦🇱🇺🇦

The only player I truly loved watching as a kid (even though he didn't play or have any affiliation with Spurs), and although he didn't win much, he was an actual freak of nature. I wasn't old enough to watch Ronaldo at his peak, but at least I was fortunate to watch Adriano. Worth a watch.
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