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The Fighting Cock

The Fighting Cock

Rules & Moderating

Yellow & Red Cards
  • Use the 'Foul' link under users posts to report the content and vote for the user to receive a red card.
  • After a certain number of votes from different users, the user will first receive a yellow card. Yellow cards are considered a warning, they expire after a certain time.
  • If the user continues to receive foul votes whilst having a yellow card, they will receive a red card (permanent ban).
Sin Bin
  • We use the Sin Bin to temporarily disable forum features such as posting, replying and reacting to posts.
  • Time in the Sin Bin can range from 24 hours to weeks or months.
  • Users who are consistently placed in the Sin Bin may eventually be permanently banned.
  • The forum Admin Admin may also issue Warning alerts on individual posts.
  • Off topic posts, arguments, insults and goading are all possible reasons for a post to receive a warning.
  • It's up to you to decide to pay attention to the warning and delete/edit your post or stop continuing whatever "discussion" has caused you to receive the warning. If you decide to ignore the warning, we will use either the Sin Bin or Yellow Card moderation tools mentioned above.

Ignoring Users

You can ignore users. Click on their picture and then 'Ignore' in the pop-up box. All their posts will now be hidden from you.

At the bottom of a thread there is a link to 'Show Ignored Content' if you would like to view posts from any users you have on ignore in that thread.
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The Fighting Cock

The Fighting Cock

Post features

Emoji support

You can use standard emojis from your phone keyboard etc. They are converted to EmojiOne once posted so there's no iOS/Android differences with how they display.
You can also access them all from the smiley drop-down in the editor.

Thread prefixes

Prefixes are used to group threads around a certain topic. You are require to select one when creating a new thread. Let us know if you feel we're missing any options.

Push Notifications

Visit your account preferences on a compatible device and you can enable Push Notifications. So you can get forum alerts instantly pushed to your phone/browser.

This is supported by most major browsers except Safari on macOS and any browser on iOS. Basically, if you've got an iPhone it won't work because Apple have (so far) refused to embrace the industry standard.

'Formation' BB code

This has been improved and should display much better from mobile to desktop. See the formation thread here.


formation code
Copy & paste the following code to use this formation in your post:


available formations
5131, 5212, 5122, 5221, 523, 532, 5311, 541, 5113, 51121, 352, 343, 3142, 3232, 4132, 4411, 424, 4141, 41212, 442, 433, 4231, 4321, 42121, 4213

View example formations

'Rating' BB code

Add 1-10 star ratings in your post (works in 0.5 increments).

TFC forum upgrade
[rating=9.5]TFC forum upgrade[/rating]

Giphy support

In the post editor (under the 'Insert' drop-down) there is a Giphy button to help you post those all-important reaction gifs.


There's a little bookmark icon in the top right of posts so you can save any to your account for future reference.
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The Fighting Cock

The Fighting Cock

How to...

Post images

If the image is already on the internet, you can copy the image address (location) and then paste this into the 'Insert image' option in the post editor to add the image to your post.

We don't allow images to be uploaded to the site. If you wish to add your own images, you will need to upload them first to a site such as Imgur

Once your image is uploaded, click the drop-down arrow and then 'Get share links'


In the Share Options popup, you can copy and paste the BBCode (Forums) code directly into the post box here.


Post videos, tweets etc

Most of the major social media sites are supported on the forum. If you post a direct link to a youtube video or tweet, the content will be automatically embedded in your post.
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