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There's been another update to the notifications feature. Not sure if it fixes the issue? It might be that they've changed how notifications are handled now. I'm not really sure I understand what the issue is. Probably because I don't get the same number of notifications that you popular people get.

Don’t feel bad Case, 26 of my 28 alerts were Airfixx Airfixx telling me I’m a cunt for not loving Sissoko.
Get screenshots, if you can. I have to submit them to get it sorted.

There you go, copped it myself. Audere Audere paddyspurs paddyspurs Admin Admin
Also involves some quality ArcspacE ArcspacE work.


Fucking pay me!!!
Drop me a message if you want mate. We had the same thing last year and it was a right pain. We tracked it down to loads of bots coming from a server in Newcastle and blocked their user agent via cloudflare firewall.


Coincidence? I think not......


The Fighting Cock
These popup ad issues seems to crop up every now and then. It always seem to affect mobile devices device - either Android or iOS.

There isn't a great deal I can do. I'll try blocking that loompasplace but I bet they'll be called something else in Google ads network. Eventually Google seem to identify them and block them but they're not the quickest.

Quick search for "loompasplace" shows a few places having the same issue so hopefully they'll shut it down asap.
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