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The site was brought down by a DDoS attack yesterday. Someone doesn't like us 😒

I'll look into ways we can prevent the site going down in future if/when they try to again.
I'm not sure that it's a 'problem'. 'setuid' is a utility sometimes used in jailbreaking devices or for privilege escalation. So it could be that Safari is asking for confirmation, but Firefox is not asking. It could also be something that is deliberately targeting a Safari exploit.

Did you figure this out, as of last night, I was being β€œsetuid” prompted every time I hit a new page in the summer transfer thread?

It was just my MacBook (safari) not my iPhone (safari)

Furball man

Admin Admin

I had an issue today asking me to log in , it never happens , it always automatically logs in but then it said my log in details had changed

Anyone has anything similar?
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