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Throw your iPads out the window.
Done that already. Someone threw it straight back in you elitist cunt. Just tell me what equipment I need to buy to make this creaky old site work properly. Didn’t mean ‘cunt’ obvs, but it changed from ‘connoisseur’. Completely out of my hands.

Edit: I’m dead.
The site was brought down by a DDoS attack yesterday. Someone doesn't like us 😢

I'll look into ways we can prevent the site going down in future if/when they try to again.

Drop me a message if you want mate. We had the same thing last year and it was a right pain. We tracked it down to loads of bots coming from a server in Newcastle and blocked their user agent via cloudflare firewall.
Just giving context/background info

Furball man

Finding it hard to post , the cursor when I tap my phone screen keeps disappearing. Tweets not visible & the posting box has no options ( smileys etc)

Using the TFC app on iPhone .
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