Frank Worthington: R.I.P

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I remember seeing him playing at WHL. Don't remember anything about the game or what the score was but I was in the Paxton and we gave him untold abuse which he took well.

I'm off to look it up!
There was a LCFC game at WHL when they tonked us 0-3, FW looks to have got the last one. On the Big Match (of course)

If he played for Bolton in the FA Cup Jan 1978 I'd have seen him but I really can't remember

Mrs Perryman

I'm a Cockney Malteser 👑
Rod Marsh before he turned into a bell end.

He was my favourite, non-Spurs English player at the time, shame he turned out to be a bit of a wally.
As his name has been brought up, I'm making no apologies to use this opportunity to tell one of my stories.
I did meet him once, outside a clothes factory down Bethnal Green Road, which he part owned with Terry Venables. My friend and I used to walk home from school and we were on the other side of the road, when I saw TV outside the factory and I was saying to my friend, that looks like Terry Venables. She just looked at me blankly as if to say, who the heck is he? I was debating whether to cross the road to ask for an autograph when Rodney came out and I just ran across the road, nearly getting run over in the process. Now most 14 year old girls would have Fab 208 or Jackie in their satchels, but no - I just happened to have the latest edition of Goal magazine to hand, which had a colour picture of Rodney Marsh in it. When TV saw me, he turned tail and ran back into the factory. but Rodney signed my photo and we had a little chat, he asked me who I supported, I told him and thanked him for signing the picture. I still have it in my memory box, which includes the very first autograph I got from Mr P :)

his question and answer focus in shoot........Previous clubs :sandroscream:
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