Frank Worthington: R.I.P

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I remember seeing him playing at WHL. Don't remember anything about the game or what the score was but I was in the Paxton and we gave him untold abuse which he took well.

I'm off to look it up!
There was a LCFC game at WHL when they tonked us 0-3, FW looks to have got the last one. On the Big Match (of course)

If he played for Bolton in the FA Cup Jan 1978 I'd have seen him but I really can't remember

his question and answer focus in shoot........Previous clubs :sandroscream:
Ahh the days when the oppo players could take the shit given out and have the balls to come over after the game. As I recall, we always gave them credit before giving them more shit before they went down the tunnel.
I think that's what you define as 'grudging respect'.
Yes, they played for the opposition, yes you were 'obliged' to give them stick.... but it was always due to the fact you acknowledged them as an amazing footballer.

Nowaydas, they just slag them off on Twatter, and wait for the inevitable ban!

Mind you, the racist abuse doesn't seem to have gone away unfortunately.... whilst once it was on the terraces, now it's behind a computer screen.
Nothing changes, except the medium it's vented on!
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