Gary Neville, Valencia manager...

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Unlike alot of ex players he seems to have actually been very studious and made great effort to understand the modern game and coaching techniques.

I for one would love to see an English manager go abroad and do well, could do wonders for other English managers who follow in his footsteps.
Monday Night Football with Jamie Carragher and Tim Sherwood.

It's all a massive inside Job as the guy running Valencia Peter Lim is a major partner in the class of 92 hotel brand

I think doing a Poch/Tottenham is exactly it, they probably feel once Simeone gone at Atletico they can get regular champions league footy thanks to top 2 dominance without having to spend a fortune on players. With decent scouting and spending (unlike 99% of clubs) they can make some money.

Gary is clever and the antithesis of most people in football, read what they have done with the hotels, the one they snapped up opposite OT was genius
Gary Neville seems to be the type of bloke that doesn't pretend that he knows it all when it comes to coaching. There are so many managers/coaches in professional football that are arrogant dickheads who have a 'my way or the highway' attitude. Neville doesn't strike me as that sort of bloke and I reckon he'll work his little cotton socks off to make a success of this opportunity.

Good luck to him.

I can't believe we've still got to put up with Carragher's shit though. Can Neville not take him with him to clean boots?
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