Gennaro Gattuso

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Would you be happy with Gattuso as manager

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Furball man

Why would we need smoke and mirrors to appoint a manager at the Euros?

If we really wanted to appoint, let's say Roberto Mancini or Martinez, why would leaking a story about Gattuso make any difference at all?
Yup , we knew about Santini while he’s was at France . Or was that a dream I had ? It’s all very dream-like at the moment
lemmings GIF
So that the media are distracted. If Spurs sat tight, did nothing, no negotiations with anyone else, it would be obvious they are waiting for someone at the Euros and then the journalists would get to work and find out who. What Levy is doing is steering all the attention away from his real target.

And humiliate the club in the process? You are looking for something that isn’t there. There is no need for the club to degrade its reputation and enrage the fans just to keep Roberto Martinez under wraps (who has been linked constantly anyway).

We are an unattractive prospect to elite managers due to our lack of CL and imminent departure of Kane. We have no money and a very difficult chairman. Therefore we are desperately scraping around the bargain bin for managers.
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