Gennaro Gattuso

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Would you be happy with Gattuso as manager

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I seriously don't understand what is going on at the club. We seem to be linking ourselves with managers, then just pulling out.

Levy said that the club has lost its identity and needs to get back to it's DNA, well this Gattuso appointment wouldn't be that. The other guy Fouesca I could potentially see working due to the football he played but I genuinely can't see Gattuso playing nice football and he would most likely fall out with everyone.

At this rate it wouldn't surprise me if Levy just re appointed Ryan Mason.
Powerful lol

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Dont worry everyone - once Gattuso presents Levy with the list of players he wants next week and is told "No," we'll be looking for a new manager again.


If you think Gattuso has any say in which players "he wants" you are insane, it is the players that Mendes tells him he wants and Mendes will work with Levy to make sure he can pawn off his crap on us.
The life of Gattuso’s 1 week tenure at the Club -

Gattuso arrives at Spurs all smiles

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Gattuso and his team takes his 1st training session with the squad

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Gattuso 1st game In charge v City
Italy Coach GIF by ElevenSportsBE

Winks makes crab sideways passes all game, Gattuso expressing himself

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Sissoko blazes one over the bar

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Gattuso looks at the sub bench for inspiration

Angry Wrestling GIF

Full time whistle hits and Gattuso has his 1st post match interview

Angry Leonardo Dicaprio GIF

Gattuso walks into Levy’s office

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Gattuso walks out

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Gattuso tenure over after 1 week
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