Gennaro Gattuso

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Would you be happy with Gattuso as manager

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Unbelievable, I was coming round to Fonseca, but this is a joke.
Even forgetting the ludicrous potential appointment in Gattuso, the way this has been handle is extremely worrying.
Levy must just go on his little way. He can pay the fine before he leaves.
In just under half an hour (21:00 BST) we're going to tweet '#NoToGattuso @SpursOfficial'. Got a fair few on board. Would be good to make it trend. We're more powerful as a collective than we think.
The bed wetter strikes again.
You are one soft piece of shit and a laughing stock of the regular fanbase at Spurs.


Antonio is Innocent!
If this Gattuso fiasco doesn't come to anything, maybe we should set our sights a bit higher and try for Joey Barton (if his latest assault trial pans out ok)?
What does
I don't want to rely on any super agent for transfers though. The whole concept pisses me off. Look at the way Leicester operate in the market.
the agent know about footballing abilities. His hired by players to get the most he can for them and in return his brief is to get as much money as he can from screwing clubs. They will give a bunch of players you do t need and not what you need to build a sting squad. Agents should only come into when the club is interested in a player. Think with mendes and his like is they either give you players they have on their books and want to get some transfer fees or if the club goes to agent and says find me a forward they just come back with a player on their own book. Whole agent thing is a joke and I’ve said this when Dino was in charge we should have nothing to do with mendes. His not interested in spurs his just in it to screw as much money he can from complete dross of players.


Rather than cunt everyone off, if you want to be Mr Random Levy, go to Forest and get Chris Houghton. Sure as hell he deserves the job a million times more than some scum bag like Gattuso. I pray this is deflection from the Fonseca fuck up. Because if this guy is appointed then frankly THFC is done to me.
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