Gennaro Gattuso

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Would you be happy with Gattuso as manager

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You millennials.

Pards is available ffs!

(I would have had Potter before Conte If I’m being honest. But why would he leave Brighton for our skip fire of a club?)
Fuck off mate.

Alan Curbishley is where it's at.

Gatusso is obviously not a great manager. But we're also not a great team right now. That's not the biggest issue.

The management of the club has essentially fallen from the hands of Levy into the hands of Mendes. Or both. That is despicable and makes me feel ashamed.

Our club isn't about winning. It's not even about football anymore. It's about lining the pockets of the slimiest agents out there.

#enicout #levyout #lewisout
Ally Gold has inside info in so far as people inside the club feed him bits to help steer the PR direction.

He doesn't have moles in the club which give him info Levy and co don't want in the public domain.
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