Giovani Lo Celso

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Sorry you said I said he was shit - then evidence with one of my comments where I sad he was quiet.

Does being quiet constitute being shit now?

I will give you a heads up - there is no more because I have never claimed he is that. At most you will find I have said his Spurs career has been mixed which any rationale person would agree with.

But like his performances you choose to see only what you want to see with my comments. Very telling behaviour.

Fuck off Deli
Jesus Christ Ali
Piss off winks
Son has been shit
My god Son
Get him off utter shite
Ali has a utter shit waste of space
You just know they will win this
Please sub winks please
I can’t watch us with Aurier in the side
Winks is such a pointless player
I really don’t like this Spurs team.
Sons worst game ever
Lo Celso has to do better there - done nothing this game
Piss of Gio

And finally, on Ben Davies - Hood’s fellow countryman...
Such an underrated player.



⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
Fucking brilliant today. Confidence flowing.

He's going to be a star. The new era.

Build team team around him and Ndombele and we have something

Ffs this is getting boring now. Happy to take risks playing pretty much anyone at RB over KWP, but when it comes to a midfielder to replace those out of form... no chance.

I still think this is Poch having a sook at Levy for bringing him in so late in the window to save a couple weeks wages.

I mean the guy is a professional footballer and has played 90 mins since 8 years old. It is Watford at home. Take him off if he looks tired.

You'd have to be a mug to sign for Spurs these days if you expect playing time. Benchwarmers and mercenary wage thieves need apply.
"Far away from the level they need to be"

The players starting ahead of them are getting battered by Brighton so if they're far away from that level we are fucked tbh.
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