Giovani Lo Celso

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Yup. Fantastic.

Shot out to Ndombele too. Quick feet to break the press numerous times and get his head up and deliver for the goal.

Now for that robust DM to protect them...

To be fair, Winks/Lo Celso/Ndombele was relatively nice at times. Willing to get the ball forward quickly, playing it first time to advance etc.

Just a shame at that time there was no Bergwijn to truly counter

Château NoHo

Better than class - he is the new Modric/Eriksen/Bernadon Silva!!!! Only after 5 games as well! Amazing achievement.
Lo celso is better than Modric and Winks is better than Iniesta, innit. To be fair Lo celso has put together 3-4 good games in a row now. Im feeling very positive that he will be good for us.
I trust this fella with the ball more than any other player in the squad.
Great point. What impresses me is he can hold on to the ball under physical pressure.
He has stopped all that drama queen nonsense when he gets fouled as well.
I am really excited about him.
He doesn't volunteer for dead ball situations, though.
Lo Celso was superb Today never wastes the ball and his use of it is superb. I think if we can get him and Ndombele up to speed Kane could benefit big style once fit
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