Giovani Lo Celso

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Is this the same injury he had at the start of the season? He seems to be eager to play so maybe he played a little too early. Last season he had problems with his hip so luckily it's not the same problem from last season. Hopefully he won't be out for long.
It’s good news but doesn’t that also mean the injury could be worse than first thought? :sonhmm:

It would be nice to know what the fuck is going on with it, wouldn’t it?

Absolute silence from the club. Rest doesn’t seem to have helped. Would be just our luck that he requires an operation now when we’ve had so much time off he could of had it in. (That’s if he needs one of course).
I don't think his injuries have been that bad, too time to get up to fitness and speed when initally signed. Gives everything in matches and throws himself into challenges so will pick up knocks. I think with all the signings, options and disruption it seems worse than it is. Certainly not at the Anderton or Lamella stage yet. Fingers crossed he'll be back after the international break.

Lets be clear Poch seemed very pro internationals and let players go when they probably shouldn't have gone. Jose will have lazer focus and wont give two shits about internationals or friendlies. I beleive we will see more players held back from now on.


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Anyone who honestly believes we should have signed Fernendes over Lo Celso because of a few penalties should give their heads a wobble.
Really think we missed him Sunday. Once Tanguy came off, there was not enough quality in the midfield. It would’ve helped immensely if he had even 20 minutes in his legs.
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