Giovani Lo Celso

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Ahhh for fuck sake!

Why did we not try for Coutinho btw? He was surely worth a punt with our midfield?

Steven Gerrard Coach GIF by Rangers Football Club

Another quite stellar world class outing from Gio Lo Celso today. So happy to see him grafting hard to earn that 70k a week. 20 mins amazing 9 passes, 1 foul in 20 minutes. Glad to see he is saving himself yet again for the big game, Argentina v Chile.
another 70m completely flushed down the toilet on a player who could not care less about winning or professional pride.

I had hoped the snidey little c**t got injured for us so he couldn't play for them.


ENIC hokey cokey

That's him gone I suspect, I did say that Conte will weed out these little wasters 1by1, they'll show themselves up at some point and Gio is someone I always suspected that he wasn't serious.
Lo NoShow, Lo SoSo, another useless player from that shitty window who hasn’t improved the team. I’ve never seen strike a ball with any power. Get rid, he’s only interested in keeping fit for internationals.
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