Giovani Lo Celso

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Mrs Perryman

I'm a Cockney Malteser 👑
On Loan! So we haven't actually signed this player after all.
Never thought I'd see the day we take players on loan from mid table Spanish teams.
I suppose some people are still gonna spin this as some kind of master stroke by Daniel Levy.
Personally, I think it would be a great idea to conduct all transfers this way- think of all the turkeys we could have avoided if this was the case!

When people say he isn't quick or strong, they're only comparing him to wingers or someone like Sissoko. Dude is very light on his feet, strong on the ball, good in a tackle and has the skills to go with those things. Can't believe PSG let him leave if I'm honest, mindboggling stuff


Looking down at Woolich again
It's Selso, not Chelso - official.

Straight from the horse's mouth (see video).
Lovely farewell from the lad to all at Betis on his Instagram, some golazos in the vidclip as well...

"It's time to bring to a close a really important stage in my career and say farewell by thanking everybody. I'm taking with me fantastic memories and leaving behind some wonderful moments in which I have felt the fondness of all around me. It's difficult to express my feelings because I have conflicting emotions – joy on the one hand because this is a very important step in my career but sadness on the other because I'm leaving a place where I've felt at home from the very start. I will doubtlessly miss my friends at this magnificent club, its loyal fans and this amazing city. Thank you to all the players , coaches, the executive team and all the staff that work at the club."


Where's the Kaboom?
Yea, John’s just putting on a show now.
He has to. Reality bends him over and sticks its clock up his arse on a regular basis, and the fuck doesn't have the balls to admit he's wrong.

What will happen is, when enic do eventually sell up and make a profit,( not a big whoop, a chimp could have sold a club at a profit after 20 years in the premiership), he'll proclaim he was right all along.
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