Giovani Lo Celso

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He's a cross between Lamela (with his extreme one footedness) and Winks, in the way he carries the ball forward. Decent signing for 30 million. They want a lot more though so I think we should pull the plug on this one personally.

Looking at what they are quoting (and they have to call a high price due to 15% going to PSG apparently) I think it’s much better to go for Zanilo and Ceballos.

On hold or off? That's two very different things Sky are reporting:

Stinks of no one else has come in and Levy bloody knows it.

"Alright, I got you Ndombele on July 2. Clarke is here, those Fulham boys are gonna be here soon.

But Lo Celso? Well, Lo Celso says he wants to come here, no one else is in on him, and Betis have to sell...

**checks wall calendar...36 days until deadline day**'s LEVY TIME."
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With the difference that they are EU nationals, bought at an age where they're often ending up as 'trained by the club'.

But yeah, same goes for a lot of managers I suppose. Perhaps it's just me not liking south americans that much. Foul play, cheating, gamesmanship is a lot more acceptable down there.

I used to think all south americans were capable footballers until we signed Gilberto 😂

Some of the most important people in our history have been South American.

Start liking them more fucko.

I’m half South American btw :allitongue:


🇺🇦 🇺🇦 🇺🇦 🇺🇦
We have a few who can do it. Lamela, Dele and Rose in particular. Sissoko has shithoused it from time to time (standing right in front of the Wolves throw in taker comes to mind).

But we have yet to see someone pull a full Sergio Ramos and judo throwing a player to the ground.

And we don’t seem to harass refs like the Dippers and Shitty, Scum, Chavs etc
I don’t condone that sort of crap but it seems to work for them
The problem with that price is that it won’t net Betis *that* much profit. If they feel this is their chance to cash in, they will resist that sort of fee as much as possible.

Honestly think it will come down to how much Lo Celso wants the move. He obviously favours us, but he might be happy to carry on plying his trade at Betis.
Didn't he have an escalator clause in his wages that was activated when Betis rejected our first bid?

In other words, can they afford to keep him on their books another year?
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I think we're more likely to sign Ceballos tbh.

Don't think Lo Celso is dependent on Eriksen but Ceballos is.

Think we'll get Lo Celso regardless of Erisken simply because Eriksen may be here this season, but he 100% won't next year.

Think Ceballos or Donny Van De Beek comes in if Eriksen is off this summer (which i hope happens)

Massive Conte

On hold or off? That's two very different things Sky are reporting:

He hasn't set the world alight with Argentina and by the sound of it, his stock has actually gone down over the last month. Presumably resulting in less interest.

Betis allegedly want €75m for him. Plain and simple. He 'aint worth it. Especially when we've brought Ndombele in, a highly rated and coveted player for less.

Wait a few weeks and they'll probably accept €50m for him. Who knows.

Of course a bit like Wenger favoured French or French African's it's a market their more comfortable in same for most of us probably.
Don’t understand why people are dug out for favouring what they know. When a panel of yer da’s get together and favour a type of English player we don’t question it. Yet it’s what they know.
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