Giovani Lo Celso

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Seriously who comes up with this insider shit?

'Tottenham midfielder Giovanni Lo Celso has no friends and sings songs from Annie in a monotone to annoy Antonio Conte'

'Tottenham midfielder Giovanni Lo Celso's name translated means Fred And Rose West.

'Tottenham midfielder Giovanni Lo Celso sacrifices chickens at a Nazi rally in Spalding, Lincolnshire'

He's been pants for us but just let him evaporate gracefully so we can forget he was ever here.
Gio broke Ossie Wembley

inside the nba laughing GIF by NBA on TNT


we look so much better on the ball as a team with him in there. was good tonight, looking to get on the ball and slip people in who are in the pockets. hopefully he can stay fit for the run in as we need him massively

Looked quality but also looked like he was coming back from injury. Fair play Jose took him off.
He can’t make me and neither can you. All you’re proposing is excuses in his favour and false hope. He has no presence. Doesn’t command it and it’s not offered to him against stronger sides.

Technically he need space to hold on to the ball, make accurate passes and make the right decision. He almost bottled the counter which resulted in Kane banger.

Both of you still have time to make me step back.
almost bottled the counter?? how did he do that? great first touch from a ball bouncing into him, dribbles it smoothly up the other end and times his pass to son with perfection...?? how the fuck is that bottling it?
Playing very well for Argentina. Looking forward to seeing more of Gio, Ndombele and Bergwijn post Mourinho. A shame that 18 months of coaching malpractice has convinced many that these players aren't up to it.

Just get rid at this point. The few times he’s been available he’s done almost nothing. 1 league goal in 2.5 years and that’s our supposed Eriksen replacement. He won’t be missed, hasn’t even reached Chadli’s level in this shirt.

Like Tanguy, this level is too tough for him.
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