Giovani Lo Celso

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I think he'll start against Watford...
...and be our saviour...

And sign a long term contract in July...

...and admit to faking the Moon Landings and shooting JFK!
He's also probably Banksy and has Shergar in eating hay his paddock at home.
Nah mate... THIS is Banksy:

Ffs this is getting boring now. Happy to take risks playing pretty much anyone at RB over KWP, but when it comes to a midfielder to replace those out of form... no chance.

I still think this is Poch having a sook at Levy for bringing him in so late in the window to save a couple weeks wages.

I mean the guy is a professional footballer and has played 90 mins since 8 years old. It is Watford at home. Take him off if he looks tired.

You'd have to be a mug to sign for Spurs these days if you expect playing time. Benchwarmers and mercenary wage thieves need apply.
Don’t say much about the training regime that this guy is still not fit to be involved at all this weekend, 2 months out of a 9 month loan. Can’t see this one ending well !
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