Good on him.

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Yeah, really big in a sport where unfortunately there’s a contingent of fans who are stuck in the Stone Age.

Fair play to him. Hopefully encourages others in the future to feel they can be open.
Massive respect to him, this could be a defining moment for football culture. Hopefully he can inspire others.

I’ve always thought that the most difficult thing about coming out today wouldn’t be the reaction of fans, but of team mates and staff. There will always be morons in the stands who will abuse people for the most asinine reasons, but if there are bigots in the dressing room I bet that is so much more intimidating. If you go beyond that there are even clubs in the PL owned and run by people who condemn homosexuals to death.

I admire this lad’s bravery and I hope that we will see more players come out and force the sport to reckon with the unpleasant elements within. It was only a few weeks ago we found out that an EFL manager was racially segregating his dressing room, I’m sure there are plenty more cavemen waiting to be uncovered.
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