Gooner baiting campaign -

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Can we all do something epic, worth while and spectacular?

While the arse are being particularly shit, could we all send our gooner friends one of the following links, or even all of them accompanied with

Go on. Email, facebook, twitter, myspace or whatever and spam these wankers with the sound that sums up their current existence.

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i agree, form goes out the window, and although i think we'll do em, i am not prepared for the big fall if i make a tit of myself.

gloat AFTER.

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Thelonious Filth said:
we could be 7-0 up with 2 minutes left and I still wouldn't celebrate because we're Spurs!
At Liverpool, 2-0 up and against 9 men, me and the guy next to me both said "this isn't over yet"

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