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Trevor Francis sold for a record £1000’ 1978. Allowing for inflation and deflation that is about £5046500 in today’s money.

Grealish sells for £20’000’000 at
1978 rates - absolute joke! :harrysmile:
Unforunetely football is becoming worse every day, since shite like Chelsea started do have unlimited founds coming from russian mafia football become more uneven on a daily basis. You can't compete with teams with this kind of "politics" anyomore and the club of big ones is becoming smaller and richier. Football is ruined.
I give him about 2 or 3 seasons before he returns to one of those bottom half clubs after failing to make any impact at Man City.

As long as he starts more often than not he's too good not to have any sort of impact, in my opinion. Technically he's a better player than Mahrez and he's done alright despite not always being in the team.
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