Happy 135th Birthday Tottenham Hotspur

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Lonely nights in? :pochsmirk:



You need to bin that lot. Only holding you back. By now you could've been a huge wanker like me. :adesalute:

You can have her... :allitongue:

I'll ask Royal Mail how much does it cost to ship humans to Jerusalem!

I wonder if his wife is German...? :adegrin::levyeyes::troll:

Interpool? Is that where they go for a swim at the San Siro?

Michigan's New Groovy East boulevard, 18
MINGE 18 that is


Only on here would you get from, Birthday to Masturbate, to Human trafficking .


Well THAT went downhill quickly!!

It's how we SHOULD celebrate our glorious club's 135th... with suggestions of wanking and human trafficking!

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