Happy Birthday Spurs !

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Happy 131st!! ....and many morrrrrrrrrre!!!

Just realised that my FIRST ever game (Aston Villa at home, we lost 1-3, but 'Villa' scored for us, and I was confused at the time, but that's another thread...) was 5th Sept 1981... our 99th Birthday, and I never even knew the significance until now!!!

The Fighting Cock

The Fighting Cock
On this day in 1882 a group of bible class students set in motion the forming of the club that we have come to love and occasionally loathe. Perhaps after a depressing weekend many of us don’t feel like celebrating, this however is the reason why we need to make a fuss of Spurs. Today is a day of celebration, a day to salute those young men who created not only a club but a way of life for many […]

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So it's 6 years since we celerated like treble winners after that equaliser at home to Aston Villa :kaboul:
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