Harry Kane

We bossed them from start to finish.

Sure, Dier gifted them a goal (shock), but we controlled it all game and probably should have won by 3 or 4 goals as opposed to just the 2.

If Mourinho does the right thing and rests Kane in the Europa League, he gets pretty much a week between each Premier League game.

If he doesn't rest him, he's done exactly what he criticised Southgate for. Overplaying.

Well, yes.

Since our last league game against West Brom to our game against Man City tomorrow. Harry Kane played 166 minutes of football for England.

So between the 8th November to 21st November - he played 166 minutes. That's a pretty decent rest over the course of 2 weeks.

Wthin the next week for Spurs, he's guaranteed to play at least 180 against Man City and Chelsea. And if Mourinho decides to play him for any reason in the Europa League, it's likely that goes over 200 minutes. In 7 days.

That's simple mathematics.

I guess you'd preferred he didn't play at all over the 2 weeks and lost his match sharpness? Leading into what is a crucial period in our season with the fixtures we have coming up? The same Harry Kane who pretty much always struggles to get into the groove of things after time off..

Why are we having this discussion?

You think Harry Kane playing for his country is bad. I don't. Simple as that.

I don't know why you are going into mathematics and all that rubbish.

As I've said again and again Games for Tottenham need winning, lose and it affects our season. Harry shouldn't play at all in the Europa at this stage but we've not been good enough and therefore he plays. Had he not played against ludo then what so you think the result would have been??? but sadly he's needed.

Games for England in nations league is pointless, playing in a game where we can only finish third regardless of the result even more pointless. He can play for his country in euro warm up games and the actual tournament.

Not a single fan wanted him in that game. Only you. Even when the game was over he is still on til 75th minute or whatever it was. Pointless. Around all these key league games he'll play in Europa too. Hopefully not as much but you cannot say those are meaningless. So if being involved means we win then he has to be.

Team Tanguy

Former kicker of sponges

Continues setting records

Destroyed Laporte & Dias

Showed KDB who the better #10 is

Usual sensational defensive work

Only thing worse than the corona pandemic is the pandemic of morons who can't see Kane is world class and the best cf in the world.. by a distance.
His passing, his hold up play, his ability to draw fouls, his vision, his finishing, his football IQ, his ability in the air, his defensive work are all fantastic. Kane is Drogba, Benzema and Costa combined. He is so unselfish now, he has completely bought into winning at all costs even if it means not being the match winner.
Leads by example. No one can come in and think they don’t need to do the hard, unglamorous work when they see our most talismanic player, the face of the club leaving 110% on the pitch :kaneear:

Really desperate to win something for him this season, because lord knows he deserves it. That’s why as much as I love “the project” and building for the long-term I understand why we also need success *right now*!


⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
Was a leader tonight and completely lead by example.

Only two players made more tackles than him in a Spurs shirt (Hojbjerg; Reguilon)
Only one player ran more than him (Hojbjerg)
No one created more chances than him in a Spurs shirt

Just outstanding. Another assist to his name too.
I couldn't sleep the other night and started reading this thread back from page 1. Amazing to see what he's turned out to be.

One of our own.

He could legitimately win the Ballon d'or this year if he keeps it up.
“We had a game plan to defend as a unit, in that mid-block, and sometimes it went into a low-block but I thought everyone worked their socks off.

“We took our chances – Sonny, with a great finish early on – and we knew then in the second half that the chances would be available and thankfully we took one towards the end.

“We knew if I was going to drop quite deep then the centre-halves would come quite tight and Sonny and Stevey could run in behind, and that was the perfect example for the first goal.

“We probably defended a little bit too deep than what we would have liked. We spoke at half-time to maybe push up the pitch and into the mid-block and then take our chances on the counter-attack.”

Fantastic summary of the team's tactics. Kane deserves all the praise he's receiving.
The Best footballer in the world right now period. He might even become one of the greatest football coaches too when he retires. It was hard to choose between Kane, Dier, and Hojbjerg but I'll have to go with Kane MOTM.
This is getting embarrassing. Not content at being the best striker in the league, he has decided to drop deep for a few games and show he is also the best no.10 in the league. With the way he tackles, I wouldn't be surprised if he showed he was the best dm in the league too.

At least we know he's a terrible goalkeeper.
I don’t think there’s anybody left who thinks this.
I had a Twitter argument with an idiot who claimed Vardy was much better than Kane at almost everything bar passing. I tried to argue with factual evidence but he wasn't having it. Then I saw on his bio that he's a Liverpool fan, called him thick as pig shit like every Liverpool fan out there, waited a couple of minutes and then blocked him.
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