Harry Kane

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"We've not really reached the heights we've wanted to as a club over the last couple of years. It's a big opportunity now to take advantage of what we've got."

"He's a manager that demands a lot. He's doing everything he can and as players we've responded really well to him and everyone's working as hard as possible to get success. That's the ultimate goal for everyone here at the club."

"Players come and go and sometimes it disrupts the team a little bit. Coaches come and go and it takes time to adapt," said Kane.

"The fact is, in the Premier League especially, so many teams are so good and everyone's building to try and break into that top six. There's a good eight or nine teams who are fighting for those places.

"If you don't get one or two things right then you can really fall behind the pack and that's kind of happened to us. So we need to be careful that we don't keep falling."
From 3 big chances, scoring 1 should be considered easy for almost every PL striker. Yesterday it wasnt Kane's finishing that was a positive, it was the rest of his game that has improved .
Youre missing the point i think. If kane scored from 10 shots dweedle dum would say its only against a shit team.
He should have assisted. He should have ran more.
If he sets up 10 goals hes not scoring enough
Glen isn't immune.
We were by far and away the better team. Perhaps one day a commentator will grow a pair of balls and realise the best player on the pitch isn't always on the winning team.
Whoooah, steady with the disagrees :llorishuh:

I don't dispute what you're saying, but the reality is that nobody wants to do an interview and accept a MotM award when they just lost.

I don't think they even handed over an award to Maddison in the end, at least not on TV?

And the award is almost always decided just before they reach 90 minutes. Can't blame them for not thinking we were gonna win, regardless of how well we'd played.

Also, you're putting a lot of value on something that it's really not worth giving a shit about.
Imagine if we got Conte in May/June. None of the summer of chat about Kane would have happened. He would have started the season well (by his August standards) and we could well be closer to the top of the league.

Exactly. Kane wanted to leave because he had got to the stage where he'd had enough of the club not showing ambition. Just after that we then went and appointed Nuno Santo, who had just got sacked by Wolves for rubbish results and boring the tits off everybody. We couldn't have proved Harry any more right at the time if we tried.
TBH, I would like to see just club stats. International football is pathetic outside of full tournaments.

Just like every other striker on the planet, he scores more against the lesser sides than the very top ones. Comes with dominating games against the lesser sides and having much more of the ball and creating more chances. That should be obvious to anyone.

Some people always say that he doesn't step up in certain games but that goes for the whole team. It's not like we've played well in finals as a team and only Harry Kane was poor.
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Youre missing the point i think. If kane scored from 10 shots dweedle dum would say its only against a shit team.
He should have assisted. He should have ran more.
If he sets up 10 goals hes not scoring enough
If your point is Ndombad will find something to criticize about kane even if he has a good game, that is 100% true.

Just that scoring 1 goal from 3 big chances is not what made Kane good vs leicester. Any striker would do that. If thats all he had done, there wouldnt be much to get excited about.

What made it a great game from Kane (his best this season) was the rest of the things he was doing (lots of running off the ball, with the ball, not giving it up as soon as he got it, some great passes) . Hopefully he continues down this path very game he plays and it wasnt just because Southgate was there.
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