Harry Kane

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Tbf once Kulu came in, his goalscoring was at a very high level. Probably would've got like 20 goals/15 assists minimum in the league if we had that front 3 all season.

He essentially fucked off for the first part of the season, which was a bit of a dick move.
Starting from the Liverpool game Kane scored 16 goals in 24 games, which is 0.67 goals per game. Very slightly above his PL career average, but his average has taken a hammering in recent seasons.

Regardless, 0.67 per game is well above the career average of any other player except Henry and Aguero. Henry was ay 0.68 (which is where Kane was at until this season I think).

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Some faces just need facial hair to not look like a twat.
Can't agree with that, my ex had a beard and he still looked like a twat!

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Probably. Although you're in a group with the Dutch right? Wouldn't underestimate LVG at a tournament, his last Dutch team had big gaps in terms of talent but his system works well in big games. Wouldn't be surprised to see them top it. They'd beat us, Southgate is no match for LVG.

If Mbappe/Benzema turn up you probably win it. Those two on song is too much for any international defence unless they fully park the bus, get some luck & take it to pens.

Anyway, the Kane thread seems to have become the WC thread lol .. it's still a long way off so players could enter/exit form/pick up injuries etc, who knows..
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Sorry to bring us back to Kane but while I still don't have the same love for Kane that I did before last summer (and it will take him to sign a new contract with us for me to get back there), when I read this: Kane renews Leyton Orient shirt sponsorship all I could think of was how classy a move it is from him.
Agreed. I’m sure footballers do a lot behind the scenes but it’s nice to hear that they‘re giving back to the community. If I were on that kind of money I’d like to think I’d give quite a lot of it away.

Kane does seem like a class act off the pitch.
I was reading an article this morning about Sadio Mane and how how he has been such a legend for Liverpool with his goals and trophies which is fair enough in it's own right but what they also did was put a stats table up of three particular areas and they were Most Opening Goals, Most Winning Goals and Most Points Won for team. Mane was sitting 2nd, 3rd and 2nd respectively. Who was sitting top of those stats..... Harry Kane.

Every single record he basically holds and normally if you want to break a record you need to out do Kane which is far from easy. Just wish we could win him some bloody trophies 😆
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