Harry Redknapp

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I feel a bit ungrateful criticising Redknapp because he was manager during the other good Spurs period that I can remember (oh, and Martin Jol - that was the first time I actually believed we could become a top 4 team), but I always have this overwhelming feeling it was less about him being a great manager and more about him lucking out and getting the biggest appointment of his career at a team that had consistently underachieved for decades, but were making slow and steady progress at improving. Although it seems like a job where it's hard to fuck up, lots of managers had tried and failed and him managing to steady the ship for a bit showed how good we had the potential to be.

My opinion of him has softened in the years since he left, but I was glad to see the back of him at the time.
I'm somewhat mellowed about Harry's exit saga (never wanted him to start with so can't be too hypocritical), but I do cringe at the idea that he's considered as Spurs.


Just a load of handbags publicity for Sky and Talksport. Harry probably in on it. Yawn.

P.S. as a WHL regular for almost 30 years, I can confirm that we were pretty crap and pretty soft for most of that period!

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He's right though about pundits know all the answers and can tell you in minute detail where teams go wrong. But when it comes to actually managing a team, those who have actually had a go are pretty unsuccessful. The way that people hang on every word they say, as they don't have an opinion of their own!
Harry’s not wrong though. He brought in Palacios and Sandro, and directly addressed the fact that he was trying to resolve our reputation of having a ‘soft underbelly’, which he did. He paved the way for Dier and Wanyama.
That's the problem, Redknapp's only solution was to sign a player, not coach the team to be less soft. He didn't pave the way for us to become a team that didn't have a soft underbelly, that took Levy hiring people that could actually coach players, like Pochettino and AVB to a lesser degree, not just buy a busy cunt to cover everyone’s arses.

I would never argue that Redknapp had an eye for a good footballer - but you and me could spot the players he "spotted".

That clip's fucking hilarious.
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