Harry Winks

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I personally feel that Winks is rather limited in his abilities but yeah it's no doubt Poch has mismanaged him. (like many other players).
Winks is what he is. An excellent squad addition and option, from the academy and an England international.

Our midfield should not be built around him, but under a better manager, his strengths would be taken advantage of, rather than his weaknesses exposed.
And people laughed and scoffed at the idea of Southgate improving us.
Southgate has been great for England, huge fan of what he is doing. His club record is awful, I am thinking he may just be more suited to international management.

If I was Poch I would be paying attention.
Skipp's not been anywhere near convincing when he's played. We should buy an elite midfielder rather than playing sub par, average players simply because they are academy products.

Trusting youth is not some magical path to success or the top teams wouldn't have so few homegrown products starting.

Skipp needs a loan.
He needs to play. With Spurs or on loan. Right now I don't think it's a bad idea to play him against West Ham. How much worse could it get? One thing is sure he won't evolve much on the bench.
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