Harry Winks

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By all accounts, Liverpool, United and City have all made enquiries.

15m and 50k a week for an ENGLISH home grown player would be an absolute steal . His successful progressive pass stats are better than KDB BTW :)
No hard feelings Winksy, but I'd LOVE you to be sold this summer. I've just had enough of that feeling of disappointment and dread whenever I see you tightening up your drawstring on the side of the pitch.


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Gotta hope this kid can show his worth this pre-season lest he be shipped out. We all know he can do it and he's Spurs through and through. So let's give him our best support because anything less and you're not Spurs...
I have previously supported keeping Winks especially as home grown but with Bentacur and Skipp, now is the time for him to leave. If we are to improve the main area we need to improve in is to score goals against teams that park the bus. That means more creativity than Winks offers with the defensive midfielder covered by Bentacur and Skipp. The same applies to the wing backs who all do not offer enough against the bus Parker’s.
I can't imagine Everton being remotely interested after that cameo last season in which he was their best player.

Only way I could see it being an option is if there is some creative book keeping like Dele and Everton are in FFP woes. Even then Conte rates him so I doubt it would be until we get one or two players in.

Thankfully he and his agent aren't shy with the press so we won't be requiring any cryptic ITK from SC to keep us wondering long.
Really weird how he’s become such a lightening rod for so much hate.

Makes me resent our fan base a little bit.

Tim Sherwood was right when he said that our fans do not treat British players well yet will make countless excuses for foreign players. Harry Winks is an average player but if he cost £30m and came from abroad it would take years for many fans to call him out.

You can see it right now with players like Reguilon. If a player like Ben Davies played as badly as Reguilon has for the last 18 months he would be getting dogs abuse, but because he is an expensive foreign player people say “he just needs time” “he was one of the best defenders in La Liga” etc. Same with Lo Celso and Ndombele, people have been defending them for years even though they have been cack from day one. People were complaining about Sherwood playing Harry Kane over Soldado way back then even when Harry was scoring and Soldado was a joke.

Harry Winks has given everything he can give to help this club. He played in the XI that got us to the biggest night in the history of the club. He is not an elite player but criticism should be directed at a football operation that has failed to sign elite players and ended up giving responsibility to players like Winks who shouldn’t have that responsibility.
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