Harry Winks

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John Pratt, Stephen Clemence, Steffen Freund, Jason Dozell, Josh Onomah, John Jackson, Nicola Berti, Michael Brown, Ghaly, Jose Dominguez, Moussa Saib, Jamie O'Hara, Sean Davis, Terry Yorath, Dean Marney, Jake Livermore, Alex Pritchard, Gary Brady ...
Brown was better DM Sean Davis better offensively Dominguez was a winger Onomah too small a sample, Livermore was a better physical presence, Pritchard as good offensively. Pratt was better all round I'm calling BS
Terry Yorath? He was exactly what we needed when we got him. I loved John Pratt as well,for his effort alone.
I suppose it's about opinions.
The only player I recall back when I was a kid getting proper grief was Gordon Smith. We would have a striker injured,and the shelf would be shouting "number 4" when the sub was coming on. It was light hearted though.
It was not a comment on the character of the players listed, I’m sure they are all great people, I just think Winks is better than them at football.

I would say Winks was exactly what we needed when he got in the side. I agree that we should move on, and so should he. He wasn’t and isn’t as bad as people on here say though.
As a general statement I think that most modern day players who transported back to the Seventies or early eighties would be regarded as some kind of wizard. The technique and physical side has progressed a lot.
NOT just that...
Ah, you don't like Winks because he isn't a goal threat.

I'd hate to see what you think of Skipp and you must have hated Wanyama, Modric and Demeble; they hardly ever scored.
My point wasnt just that but yeah... In a championship winning/challenging side, the midfielders have to chip in with goals... It's great having strikers who bang in 20 plus ... But if others ie midfeilders and arent chipping in with goals.. then it ain't gonna challenge. . Didn't know if youve noticed but our middies under Conte have been chancing there arm at goal a Lot more than b4... THEY KNOW... That if they don't start contributing goals and assists... There place is under threat... Like it or not THATS THE WAY a title challenging team HAS to be .... AND there are players that at any given time in their careers aren't gonna make it.. Winks looks like one of those... I'de be delighted if proved wrong, he's one of us... BUT he needs a continuous run of game time.. and currently it don't look like he's gonna get a second or third bite at the cherry.. so time to move on... Shit happens... It's footie .
I can remember Ron Harris well, a nasty little footballer . And the reason he NEVER played for England DESPITE playing and leading one of THE teams of the day ... Bottom line... He wasn't that good... I've watched plenty of football in Brazil... It's full of bullies.. far worse than what's on offer in lower league here... And the pitches Probably nearer the level of Harris's days than today... If the boys come thru there... He's had it tuf. Only down side of that is he played for fluminisi. The spoilt rich boys toy team of Rio... Now, rightly so, languishing in the shadows of the mighty flamengo.. I'm 100% sure.. he will be able to handle himself... As for stepping up a level from Everton.... We live in hope...


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John Pratt is another convenient whipping boy. Good enough for Billy Nick and Keith Burkinshaw but not good enough for the experts in the fan base.

Was at the club for 15 years. Played 331 times and scored 39 goals. Was in 2 Cup winning sides.

Deserves a bit more respect in my opinion.


A good honest player who always gave 100% and never caused problems

David Howells another one who got abuse from our so called fans

Terry Fenwick etc etc

Look at the abuse Sissoko got on here but that was ok because he’s wasn’t one of our own
Perhaps he never caused problems because he was a good professional

But don’t let the truth get in the way of your agenda
My memories of him are that he was a solid but ordinary professional. Nothing flashy, get the ball and pass out to the more gifted midfielders. He was often sub but could be relied upon to do the dirty work when called upon. Had a good shot on him.
Like you say, a good solid pro, but ultimately nothing special.

I don't think superspurs61 is the poster in this thread with an agenda though.
John Pratt, Stephen Clemence, Steffen Freund, Jason Dozell, Josh Onomah, John Jackson, Nicola Berti, Michael Brown, Ghaly, Jose Dominguez, Moussa Saib, Jamie O'Hara, Sean Davis, Terry Yorath, Dean Marney, Jake Livermore, Alex Pritchard, Gary Brady ...
Don't think they are all comparable with Winks but a lot of them are better than him in two key aspects:

Better players: Freund, Brown, Domingues, Berti, Livermore and personally for me Sean Davis.

worse players but we got rid off in due time: Ghaly, O'hara, Onomah, Marney, , Pritchard etc.

We just didn't let them hang around the senior squad until they were 26 like Winks. Even if you don't think Winks is all that bad I think there's a healthy consensus he isn't good enough and we've known it for almost 5 years now at least. (I personally didn't even rate him in his golden era and England call ups but I know some did)

and idk but I can't recall anyone being nostalgic about Dozell or Gary Brady
If you want to put pratts ability in some sort.of perspective.... He would have been ok in a team that wouldn't be expecting to challenge for the title. Which spurs IMO ALWAYS SHOULD. BE ... same as winks a decent footballer BUT not one a title chasing team would have... personally I think winks has the capability to improve, according to what I've read about him he's done so at every stage of his career and come through.... BUT there comes a time when that learning curve needs fresh legs... And that times come for him at spurs... He's had chances under Conte and honestly he's not effected ie assists or goals in games to warrant a starting spot which HE NEEDS to carry on and improve......
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