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Guido 🇺🇦

"Legacy Fan"
First things first, I do not work for this company or have any involvement in it.

I follow Argentinian football which is OK but as I don't speak Spanish it can be frustrating when listening to the commentary. An English guy who covers Argentine football with a blog, twitter and podcast has now just started to use this company and now does the commentary in English, he's not great but at least I can follow the game.

So, it got me thinking following Tottenham in the Europa League can be tortuous a fare with the likes of Townsend/Carlisle etc why not record a Fighting Cock commentary and make it as bias as hell. Or may be one of you is harbouring a secret desire to be a commentator...............lol, can't believe I wrote that last bit. (Have you ever listened to the pair that commentate on Bradford, they are quite funny).

Just an an idea, no biggie, thought you might want to take a look.


Interesting idea. Can see it being a lot of fun. No idea how it is at all legal though as radio stations pay plenty of cash for exclusive commentary rights.

Just another nail in the coffin for traditional radio it seems. I still love listening to a good radio station, but podcasts have definitely taken over my life.
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