Have we signed Diaz yet?

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Freedom from Samsara
No, you moron, we haven’t.

And we never will. So stop being an idiot and get out of this thread

Yes we will. Every player wants to work under a coach who has won the title 5 of his last 7 seasons (some shit like that I read)...

Joe just has to get the cheque book out, dust off some bullion, sell a painting or two, and it's all there for us, right now.

Season 1 Please GIF

Massive Conte

What would be really good is if someone could comment on how it's all a trick for the 5th post in a row.
No worries.

It’s all just a smokescreen. Levy has no intention on signing Diaz. It’s just a ploy to make people think that he’s ambitious and cares about on-field success.
He was probably shit anyway. Has any Colombian ever been a success in England? I’m adopting the approach we’ve dodged a bullet here.

Onwards and upwards to the next target.

Lenny Hatchet

Out on good behaviour
The bonus part is bollocks in our case . The selling club have gathered we will never meet them.
Just wishful thinking.
We offered far less as we always do , a punt in price but a serious club stepped in and payed what they wanted
Besides price Levy has made us a very unattractive club for any good player to sign for if there is an alternative.
What would be really good is if someone could comment on how it's all a trick for the 5th post in a row.
But how do we know that you're not a plant who has been sent here to, by power of suggestion, induce another post about how it's all a trick. (Oh, no, it's working).
He’s obviously very gifted, it’s just recruitment in a position where we already have good players.

We’re so lacking in other areas it’s an odd, if welcome, attempt.


Spider made me shit myself
We already have Son, Gil and Bergjwin who play left sided attack. This doesn't feel like a priority for January.
Don't worry we won't be signing him. It's the bald cunts PR team putting it out there so the Levy fanboys can play with their little acorns only to be told on the 31st that we ran out if time.
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