Have we signed Milan Škriniar yet?

In all honesty never seen him play but the 15 or so scout reports I just read suggest he has great positioning, marking, tackling and passing. Paired with a slightly quicker CB he could be our Vidic.
Excited by this, if nothing else splashing 40-60 million shows our ambition.


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Is it ok that i’m underwhelmed by this potential signing? And am I the only one? I haven't seen anything in any of the clips which makes him looking particularly impressive to my eye.

Pretty shocking stats to be honest but at least he passes well. Althought it might be due to lower numbers of long passes attempted.


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Said it before - bringing in a new defender isn't necessarily going to improve our defending. We need to be better coached and more well drilled when defending. It shouldn't even matter who we have at the back. Alderweireld and Sanche are not bad defenders.

FFS, I've seen the likes of James Tarkowski and Ben Mee look solid and keep cleansheets - these aren't top class centre backs. But they've been well coached on the training ground and defend well, not just together as a partnership but defensively as a team.

Yes, I am all for backing anyone Mourinho wants in - but people expecting Skriniar to just turn us from the calamity we are defensively right now into prime Poch years need to wake up.
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