Heung-Min Son (손흥민)

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Not sure about that...the comfort women issue is still pretty big amongst both young and old generation...even reaching to europe now with korean expats.

lol political issues between Korea and Japan have existed for years. Nothing new. Regular citizens dont really give a shit when it comes down to daily life stuff.. Korean ppl still love to watch Japanese animations. Japanese ppl love to listen to k-pops.. etc.
Son has no reason to sign this year unless Spurs step up and pay him like he should be paid. Son is getting paid half of what Sterling or Martials pay? Ridiculous

We know that is not happening with the money hog Levy so most likely Son will get to score more this year so the baldy could sell high at the end of season?
Show the proof of whos getting paid what
Maybe he will leave maybe won't
I am not worried
I think I am a Spurs fan, just not the type you hope


Must be such a burden.... All those twitter and YouTube comments to police; what a nightmare....


LOL not everyone is you. Lmfao
You think youre a spurs fan?? You either are or not. That lost in translation or a fan boi
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